Nuevo blog

Este blog ha estado en desuso por bastante tiempo, lo siento mucho (además que se llenó de spam u_u). Eso es porque cree uno nuevo.

Pueden ver el nuevo blog aquí:

Pueden encontrar nuevos dibujos, y trataré de poner un nuevo tutorial, pues el que está aquí está bastante viejo y ahora coloreo de manera diferente xD!

Espero me sigan n_n!

Nos vemos \o/

Red river, red moon

Ok, I added more shadows/light to the trees O:

I think this will be the last edit. I have a lot of things to colour now xDDDD

character, art (c) me.
mechanical pencil, photoshop, SAI, tablet and mouse.

Vocaloid - Devil's servant

We drew the sketch for this the last saturday during a devmeet in Santiago. Asato drew Len, and I drew Rin. Then she colored beatifully both characterss, fixed my terrible sketch and put some details like glowing and shiny desu @w@. I did the background.
Link with to the pic in her gallery -> [link]

Now go and watch Asato's gallery because she's awesome 8D!

The drawing is based in Devil'servant/Daughter of Evil PV ->
[link] (I prefer Len's version too).

Uh oh!, I started to hear some songs with Luka in nicovideo... I heard RIP=RELEASE, and well, it's a 'cute' song. My fav right now is Stardust Utopia, oh god, it's just awesome, you should hear it.

Kagamine Len/Rin @ Crypton/Yamaha